Web Software Engineer

Since joining the business I have managed to convert multiple internal and online web applications from using .NET to Ruby on Rails, using Sphinx for full text product and customer searching. Other duties include rails deployment with Passenger using Cloud 66 for one-click deployment and back-ups.


Lead Rails Developer

Originally hired in January 2012 to create an early version of Outingly. I joined the company in August 2012. Seeing how the product could change my life, and as something I could channel my passion into, I now serve as an advisor.


Co Founder & Rails Developer

Gatherr allows you to easily create events without any authentication. Simply enter your name, email and event details and it does the rest! Let your attendees RSVP so you can quickly get an idea on numbers. This app takes the hassle away from inviting those who don't have various social networks.

Mym Ltd

Production Team Leader

Being someone with an eye for perfect design, I joined MymCart to support the production and quality assurance of their online products. My main responsibilities were workload management and creating bug test reports. I created collateral for printing, email campaign designs and partner branded data capture areas to their website.

Going Outfit

Founder & Rails Developer

I developed a fashion social network using Ruby on Rails that allows people to upload photos of their outfits before a night out. So friends could see what they were wearing and not arrive at the party looking the same!